Why choose Selina for your Equestrian coaching & mentoring?

Well, if you have ever seen me ride you might be asking this on loudspeaker. Clearly I am not a riding coach. I am a mindset coach however and over the last 5+ years I have helped dozens of riders to break glass ceilings and gain trust and confidence with their horses faster than they ever believed was possible.
Being a horsey chic myself I can relate so much of what goes on in riders to what the horse is mirroring and explain things in a way only equestrians would understand. I have developed specialised personal coaching and co-hosted ridden clinics working with rider mindset. The results have been phenomenal to say the least. In my years of experience I have seen repeatedly the horse connecting with the rider’s subconscious fear brain and the rider’s logic, ability to take instruction and knowledge go out the door. Can you relate to your coach saying the same thing multiple times and you not being able to grasp a seemingly simple instruction? That is where mindset coaching makes the difference. Your ability to trust and bond with your horse are mindset. Shoulder in and leg yielding is riding.

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What's in the brain, goes through the rein.

Our emotional and physical health is intricately linked.  

If all you consume is chocolate and soft drinks your body cannot function to full capacity, and will eventually suffer.  Your mind is no different, if all you consume is the nightly news and social media your mental state will suffer.  

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We learn together. We empower and inspire our learners, our partners, and ourselves to develop through the power of lifelong learning.

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