Besides having made more than the average mistakes in my 50+ years and living a full life of varied personal experiences, my studies and life-long learning continually confirm and build on the process I deliver my studies and life-long learning continually confirm and build on the process I deliver. 
History is full of examples of what science now confirms, mindset is the single key to success.  It determins the actions people take and how they take them.  

What I would add to this is that our mindset reveals in the language and words we use with others and with ourselves. Change your language, change your life.


The Horse Course: Introduction to Basic Care and Management

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Happy Faces of Happy Students

Deborah Bromley 

“Selina has a great coaching style but even more so has a gentle, human approach. She has a knack for knowing when to leave you be and when to ask for a little more and push.” 

Julieann Baulch

“A turning point in taking back control of my life and having my business work for me was when
I chose Selina as my coach & mentor.”  

Dee Brack

“I identified some key areas that I wanted to work on across both my personal and professional lives.
Working with Selina has literally changed my life!”

We learn together. We empower and inspire our learners, our partners, and ourselves to develop through the power of lifelong learning.

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